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Yoga Classes

Regular Yoga sessions are held in Butleigh in the sports pavilion in Backtown.  Ursula Dunne runs these sessions along with others in the area.  

The sessions are held on Tuesdays between 4.00 and 5.30pm.

Yoga is for anybody, all you need is time!

Below  is an extract from her web site.

No special equipment is necessary but a yoga mat, a cushion and a blanket are useful. The advantages of yoga start to appear as soon as you practise and over time the benefits become greater. You can expect enhanced flexibility, suppleness, stamina and strength.

It is about listening to the body and working with it, never forcing anything but making gentle effort. It is about learning to breathe well and to relax fully.

Yoga is personally progressive and there is no need to compare yourself with others. The atmosphere is relaxed, students are mutually supportive and this is the one place where you can be guaranteed a space of time just for yourself, where there is no rush, no hurry and no need to do more than gentle effort.

Ursula offers you the chance to try yoga for yourself, to find out what it is about and to reap the many benefits. Have a look at the information, photos and testimonials on her website and then contact her if you want to know more.

Yoga with Ursula - Find Out More - Visit the Website YOGA