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Wheelers News - Nov 2018

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30th November 2018

A thrilling outing in the sunshine to a new destination of Yandles at Martock postponed from a miserable Thursday to a fab Friday. Everyone loved it so thanks John for suggesting Yandles and sorry that the vanguard were so headstrong. Indeed the routemaster was in a peloton of one bringing up the rear, yelling and waving at high visibility dots on the horizon in the hope that someone might look behind to check for the route master's directions! Not a chance. 

Finally arrived at Yandles in Martock and enjoyed excellent coffee and cake but sadly no tea cakes.

Another road closure on the way back and miserable workers meant re-tracing our tracks to add a little on the eventual mileage.

22nd and 29th November 2018

No rides due to heavy rain and gales

!5th November 2018

Great ride to Sherborne today, good weather, pit stop cafe and of course company. Ceris rode her new E bike and ably demonstrated its ability to race up hills whilst still allowing the rider to enjoy the true simple pleasures of cycling. The open road, the fresh air oh and not to mention the odd puncture....well that’s cycling and true to form the Wheelers all mucked to help

8th November 2018

Cakes on Walter today – Thanks and much appreciated by all especially as there was such a good selection. Ceris on her new Giant road ebike left us all standing on the hills- even DM; it was a surprisingly hilly ride to Castle Cary over some new (to us) muddy roads. Warm weather with only one significant shower which didn’t bother the large Wheelers turnout at all but the muddy roads, wet leaves and careful riding past a couple of strings of horses from Paul Nicholls stables all resulted in riding cautiously.

1st November 2018

A good morning's exercise. However Barry had a mechanical and returned early with Gill via Lytes Cary coffee shop. Tim had to be back early so avoided stopping for café and the general incoherent meandering of the Wheelers due to the navigator having only a vague idea of the route with everyone else making it up as we rode. Only 5 out of 8 starters ended up at Chapel X which was a very welcome break, even if our timing was more lunch than coffee.