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17th January 2019

A delightful ride to Rosie's at Chapel Cross with the cycling gods beaming down upon us. Next time we must ask her in advance to bake some almond croissants!  The forecast frost didn't materialise but the roads were wet and muddy requiring care on the corners. 8 Wheelers l left at 10 am in bright sunshine, no incidents and a very convivial ride highlighted with photos of Brian's chair.

10th January 2019

A cold but bright ride across the levels. Very pleased we went out despite the frost ... my Garmin even rewarded me with a badge for cycling in sub-zero temperatures  !!!! Thank goodness for the dry weather which kept the roads and lanes free from ice.

3rd January 2019

What an excellent start to the New Year – Chilly but fine weather with dry roads. A lovely ride to find The Parret Café closed so went to expensive Bow Wharf but good company an. No punctures but Walter excelled himself by failing to unclip and spread-eagling on the road in front of a BMW whose driver was unaware as she was in the middle of a sneeze! No harm done except a bent gear hanger.

27th December 2018

A very enjoyable morning much improved once those wearing specs realised that they were having the opposite effect to that intended and discovered that the mist was not in fact a pea-souper and it was possible to see ahead more than a metre or two!!

Thanks, all, for another great year's BW excursions and very best wishes for 2019. . And thanks, JM, for cakes.

Looking forward to another tear of good riding, good company and good cakes.

20th December 2018

Our winter solstice (-1 day) ride took us to Sweets tea room and a rendezvous with T&M on their shiny red tandem fresh from Yorkshire (e-bah gum!).  The conditions were better than forecast, but with a sharp drop in temperature in a short shower. 

13th December 2018

A brisk SE wind on a chilly but sometime sunny day saw 11 Wheelers on their way to Wincanton. The outward journey was hard with hills such as Galhampton which several did not conquer without putting a foot down, not helped by meeting 3 white vans owning the hill. The return journey with the wind behind us was exhilarating. A great morning.

6th December 2018

An unpromising forecast did not deter a field of 9 for a flat ride to Wookey, via a pop-up canal. The light rain cleared quickly, with a further brief shower while we were in the excellent Wookey Hub.

A lovely ride snatched from the jaws of muck and murk, thank you all for such good company.

30th November 2018

A thrilling outing in the sunshine to a new destination of Yandles at Martock postponed from a miserable Thursday to a fab Friday. Everyone loved it so thanks John for suggesting Yandles and sorry that the vanguard were so headstrong. Indeed the routemaster was in a peloton of one bringing up the rear, yelling and waving at high visibility dots on the horizon in the hope that someone might look behind to check for the route master's directions! Not a chance. 

Finally arrived at Yandles in Martock and enjoyed excellent coffee and cake but sadly no tea cakes.

Another road closure on the way back and miserable workers meant re-tracing our tracks to add a little on the eventual mileage.

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