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Junior Football

During the winter and on most Saturdays there is a Junior Football training session for children of between 8 and 15 years.  

Local qualified coaches organise the children into specific age groups and provide warm up sessions, tuition and most importantly, fun.

The sessions are open to all genders, ethnic groups and the disabled

Butleigh Playing Fields Association - has a large play area that hosts both senior and junior football pitches, has rounders marked out for play in the summer and also supports a local tag rugby group.

Senior Football

Butleigh Dynamos are the home team of the village and regularly play on the Backtown pitch.  

A local team from Baltonsborough have also made reular use of the pitch together with some local ladies teams athat can be seen here practising.

Tag Rugby

Welcomes children aged 6 upwards and encourage parents to participate as well.

On an given evening - between 40/60 adults and children attend most weeks, everyone is split into teams consisting of all ages, we play 6-8 a side against each other for 15 minutes per game and then change opponents. At the end the elder children and adults play a separate game as do the younger children all supported by the adults.

here are 2 or 3 main organisers who manage the teams and timings etc but each team will always have an adult supervising the smaller children and refereeing the games.