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St Leonards Church.

The earliest known church on the site at Butleigh was known to be from Anglo Saxon times and it is possible that some parts of the original site are contained within the current structure.

St Leonards is an Anglican Church was built in the 14th century. In 1966 it was listed as a GradeII building.

From the records available the church appears to have been restored in Victorian times and was further extended in the 19th Century with the addition of a hammerbeam roof.

Inside the church is a 15th-century octagonal font and what is understood to be a Jacobean alter table.

The church boasts its own Facebook page and is well supported by the village.  Photographs on the Facebook page show many of the internal features and some of the restoration work undertaken by church members.

More information can be found on Wikapedia and there are some very interesting details about the church on the Palden.co.uk website on ancient monuments.

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