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Wheelers News - April 2018

29th April 2018 Merry Monk Audax
For the second year, BW fielded a crack team for the Merry Monk Audax. We must be getting the abbey habit....The 7am weather forecast was for “an unseasonably cold day”. And so it proved, with a chilly, fresh NE breeze. But the roads were dry and the visibility excellent, with fabulous views particularly from the Dorset hills. All finished in a creditable time, despite John suffering cramp, Walter starting 45 mins late after forgetting cycling shoes, and Annie existing on less than 3 hours’ sleep (nothing to do with me). And this year there was beans on toast at the end!

26th April 2018- What a shower: 
Four set off at a brisk pace and with a fresh following wind, and found ourselves just 5 miles short of the CC coffee stop by 9:35am. So we put on an extra loop, and then lingered in the cafe watching the rain. It was a fairly chilly and occasionally wet return into the showery NW wind, with a welcome boost to the temps when the sun broke through.

19th April 2018
Thanks, all, for a good ride on the warmest day of the year, so far. It was interesting (perhaps) to come across the old Cyclists’ Touring Club Winged Wheel on the Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi.  An early logo, displayed on inns offering hospitality to passing cyclists.  There’s a web-site (of course) listing the known locations of the now-historic signs (
www.wingedwheels.info). We ended up in an old railway carriage - the Trading Post, Lopen - paying first-class prices for coffee and cakes.  But the quality was good. 

18th April 2018
TH and DH made a gentle visit to the Good Earth café, Wells. Excellent coffees, cakes and chatting to CM (lunching) Rather a strong headwind across the moor from Glastonbury on the return trip..

12th April 2018
Two groups went out today, one for a long hilly ride, Grp.A – 5 riders, and one for a short gentle ride (but with a sting in its tail) – Grp. B – 2 riders.

Mells Group A A bracing ride of 5 riders, colder than forecast, to Mells and over the foggy East Mendips and back via Binegar, Dinder and Launcherley.  A very pleasant and cosy stop at the community tea room in Mells where our coffee/cake orders were called out by name as they were prepared  - much to the fascination of the local denizens who must have been surprised that there were 2 Brians, a David and a John amongst the gaudily-clad visitors from another (slightly muddy) planet.   It was a good hilly workout for all, but also obvious that more are required before the Merry Monks.  BM’s stats were compromised by dropping and cycling over his own Garmin, fortunately others provided.

Castle Cary Group B The recovery group of 2 riders had a thoroughly enjoyable and social ride to Castle Cary. Due to an error in navigation we ended up going up Galhampton Hill, the only time we got warm!. Ankle was helped I think by the repetitive nature of the action.

Sherborne` 5th April 2018

A great ride today! Thanks Annie for organising and leading us via Foddington, Sparkford, Corton Denham to Sherborne returning via Marston Magna . Wonderful to enjoy blue skies and a sun warm enough to allow us to enjoy refreshments at Waitrose’s outside cafe. I guess the climb up from Sandford Orcas was the toughest we have done on a Wheelers ride this year but all managed it without too much difficulty.